Year Round Tool – Avalanche of Wind

Peace Broom does a lot more than just blow leaves. As a year round tool, you will want to keep it handy for all sorts of jobs around the yard: clear your patio of leaves in seconds, rake & blow leaves from your lawn, clear away debris from garden beds, and load it into a wheelbarrow or garbage can, and you can easily sweep a few inches of snow off your walkways, patio, driveway, and your vehicles, too. You can even use it as a squeegee to sweep away water puddles, or to quickly clear a flood accident, like an over-filled pool or hot tub. Stoke a camp fire, and clear a campsite of leaves and debris in minutes. Who needs a leaf blower when Peace Broom is so quick and easy to use? Brooms and rakes are great, but our added shield catches & directs powerful airflow currents that aid each sweep or rake stroke giving you greater cleaning power. Peace Broom’s ability to catch and direct airflow is even backed by NASA aeronautic research. Rockets and planes were designed and tested using the same principles. The process seems obvious enough. However, the amount of air pushed & pulled along with each sweep stroke also creates a powerful, invisible vacuum that, all-combined, pull surrounding air along with it creating an avalanche of wind. Walls and the ground surface aid to focus & concentrate the airflow you create, allowing you to blow leaves and debris out from corners, away from walls, and out from under furniture. Sure, Peace Broom is great for clearing leaves in the fall, but use it as a year round tool, and it will make your life easier, clean up faster, and you’ll have more fun doing it.