I found myself sweeping the leaves blocking my walkway, sometimes up to 3 to 5 times a day, just so I would not have to walk through them to get to the house. I noticed, as I swept harder and harder, that I was moving more and more leaves.

I also realized, as I swept, that I was no longer touching the ground with the broom.

The power of the air I was generating by “sweeping” was actually doing a better job “blowing” the leaves.

It was then that I had the idea to add something to my broom to “catch the wind”. Well, it turns out that we can easily harness the same wind power that Mother Nature wields. The concept is as simple as a hand fan used to cool yourself. The funniest part is that we have been ignoring it, to our detriment, for years.

I then added a sheet of corrugated plastic to a broom, and the rest (with a lot of help, work, and luck) will become history.

After several refinements, my “Broom Blower” was discovered to work extremely well not only on hard surfaces, but on grass and dirt, as well. Even carpeting bowed to its’ prowess. Stems and even pine needles, that confound leaf blowers and rakes, now were corralled with greater ease and efficiency.

Super lightweight, it combines a cleaning edge that sweeps & scrapes, and it also catches and directs a gust of air with each sweep stroke motion. If anything sticks, you sweep it or scrape it with the edge. Then, the vortices and vacuum created by the movement of the air shield easily blows it away. Since, you can both sweep and blow in the same motion, you enjoy the combined benefit not possible with a broom, rake, or even a leaf blower.

For heavier raking jobs, I added rake tines (*additional rake tines attachment are not yet available for Peace Broom). Together, the tines disturb any stuck leaves and the air blast follows behind to move more leaves, more quickly, with less bending over, and less effort. When you rake, you reach and pull, using a much heavier tool with a longer handle to bring leaves up to your feet.

With the Peace Broom Blower (Rake Blower) – you are basically using a more balanced sweeping motion that crosses your body using a shorter, lighter handle, a shorter reach, and a natural shifting of weight. The lower weight, combined with the greater efficiency, which require fewer and easier sweep strokes, is enhanced further, as each sweep stroke moves more debris, and it also moves it farther than each rake stroke. Gaps between the rake tines, the lack of air power, and limited distance leaves are moved by a rake are all easily, and overwhelmingly outdone by Peace Broom.

Besides not disturbing the peace, you will have so much fun “dancing with leaves”, orchestrating their movement like a symphony conductor, controlling the wind like a God while the leaves do your bidding. It’s green, it’s Zen, it’s fun and it’s easy.

You’re not done yet, are you? You still have to pick them all up and put them in the trash can or bags. Now, simply scoot the leaves into a trash can on its’ side, or use the blade edge to scoop them up to drop into bags. That’s right, it’s also a really big dustpan / leaf shovel. Pro-User Tip: Use two (2) Peace Brooms like giant salad tongs to pick up small to even large piles, and save your back from bending.

Is that all there is to it? Not yet. Peace Broom truly is a year-round tool clearing snow, as a snow shovel, and sweep-clearing un-even, cracked surfaces & pavers, as well as clearing snow off your driveway & walkways. You will find it faster and easier than a snow shovel for lighter snow, but not great for chopping up icy, packed, or driven on snow. A personal favorite: you can even use it to clear snow off your car and windshield. Peace Broom also clears standing water like a wave-shooting squeegee, too. Indoors, you can also blow pet hair out from under & behind furniture (caution: use small strokes, so the hair doesn’t get all over your furniture).

Please check out our videos, and order your very own Peace Broom. Discover just how powerful, efficient, effective, and fun this “wonder tool” really is. Easily, 5 times more powerful than a broom, 30%+ more efficient raking leaves in grass. Clear all kinds of debris: grass clippings, leaves, seeds, stems, standing water – even snow, and use it on any surface, from pavers to grass, even carpet. Even more, it’s a large dustpan/leaf shovel. No cords, no gas, no noise, no hassles. No other manual tool is as powerful, nor can boast of so many practical uses. Feel the power and connection of commanding the wind. I hope you love it as much as I do.


Bill Wood