Progress Update: New Narrow Shape

A lot has been happening lately. For one, the shape of the Peace Broom has changed. It is now long and narrow, easier to handle, and store, adding a bit more control and stability as a dustpan or loader, and a more concentrated focus area for blowing, sweeping and raking. A simple mistake in flute direction on a prototype has quickly transformed the shape of things to come. **Note the legacy holes in the woodpile loader video (just posted to the Home Page), we don’t waste prototypes here!

We are also ramping up our social media presence, growing our contact and follower base, preparing for crowdfunding and selling our first products. So, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, keep “liking”, “sharing”, and “re-posting” our posts! Thank you all very much for your support! We need even more!!IMG_2715

Epiphanies are welcome, as branding and marketing will need to center in on early adopters to co-promote our launch efforts. I will try my best to make our posts as engaging and entertaining as possible. After all, this is the coolest tool to hit the market in some time. Let’s just say, it’s “Swifter than a Swiffer®” and we’ll let the world judge for itself.