$28.00 - Includes Shipping*
Fully Assembled Peace Broom Includes: Corrugated Plastic Shield 18"x24" 160# HDPE, Metal Tube Handle: 48"-28"x15/16" *Continental US Only
$28.00 - Includes Shipping*
Fully Assembled Peace Broom HD Includes: Corrugated Plastic Shield 18"x24" 250# HDPE, Metal Tube Handle: 48"-28"x15/16" *Continental US Only
BUY 2 - SAVE $10
$46 - Includes Shipping*
1 Fully Assembled Peace Broom, and 1 Fully Assembled Peace Broom HD Includes: 2 Corrugated Plastic Shields 18"x24" 160# HDPE, 250# HDPE, 2 Metal Tube Handles: 48"-28"x15/16" *Continental US Only

The World’s Only Silent Leaf Blower Store, and Welcome to Whirled Peace. Leaf Removal, plus a whole lot more.

Your Peace Broom is actually 4 Tools in 1 – Leaf Blower, Broom, Rake, and Dustpan/Snow Shovel.

Air Power from every sweep stroke’s giant fan “Blow and Suck” more leaves & debris that brooms & rakes leave behind. Each “push” that blows, sweeps, and rakes, also creates a powerful vacuum wake that also “pull” in powerful air vortices that add serious cleaning & clearing airpower, especially when concentrated against walls & the ground.


Flexi: our most versatile, lightest weight model: flexible shield ideal for silent blowing, more broom like flexing while sweeping, general raking, and yard dustpan/leaf shovel. A literal breeze for anyone to handle. Great for residential neighborhoods. Our best blower, it’s versatility is unmatched by brooms, rakes, and leaf blowers on any surface; drive & walk ways, grass, dirt, carpet, decks, pavers, and more.

Yes, you can do all that the Heavy Duty model can do. It’s just more of a sports car, than a truck. Fast, light, and fun. Watch those leaves fly with surprising ease. Wield more power than you can first believe. Go from hard surfaces to grass without changing tools. 5 times easily more powerful than a broom, and 30% more efficient than a rake raking leaves in grass. Move more stuff faster, farther, easier, and have more fun. You’ve just found your favorite clearing and cleanup tool!


HD: our Heavy Duty model, just a few ounces heavier: boasts a stronger, more rigid shield still great for silent blowing, sweeping, plus scraping, heavy duty raking, shovel snow & clear snow off vehicles, and it’s a giant durable yard dustpan, leaf shovel, debris loader to pick it all up.

Our tough guy model, excellent for commercial use, rougher handling, multi-surface, even ground water squeegee. It’s still your neighbor’s best quiet friend, just a bit tougher. It’ll quickly clear snow off your car and big SUV with ease, too. Use two (2) Peace Brooms together, like giant salad tongs, to pick up big piles without straining your back. Why not get both!