When it comes to quality tools, landscapers put theirs to the test every day. That’s why Peace Broom is an easy favorite for so many applications from blowing & sweeping on hard surfaces, and raking in grass, to loading material and picking up debris. Lightweight and durable, Peace Broom also works wonders by being “quiet”. Aside from being polite, appealing to customers adamant against the use of noisy leaf blowers, Peace Broom also gives you and your crew more flexibility, and the ability to get the job done while still being sensitive to the needs of your customers, and their noise-hating neighbors (potential customers). Say “Yes!” to the “green” alternative that empowers you and your business. Start early or work late and know that you will be appreciated even more for keeping the peace.

Ok, fine. What else you got for us? Well, a lot in fact. Besides being a powerful & quiet alternative, you also save on gas and expensive equipment, and the pain of hauling it out for smaller jobs. Saving your expensive blowers for the bigger jobs helps them last longer, use less fuel, and requires less maintenance. You and your workers will choose the easiest and most efficient tool for the task, and a short walkway & patio in the back of a long property will have them reaching for Peace Broom every time. Besides, blowing-like-the-wind, Peace Broom also can help block the wind from blowing away swept & raked piles, saving you the extra effort needed to re-do work, allowing you to work with and against the wind, on your terms.


Oh, and if power means anything to you, Peace Broom literally blows brooms and rakes away. Easily 5 times more powerful than a broom, and 30%+ more efficient than a rake on leaves in grass. The added shield that catches and directs a gust of wind with every sweep or rake stroke also creates a powerful vacuum that sucks in the surrounding air to aid in the job. Why ever sweep or rake again without the added wind power that doesn’t just rake leaves, it launches them through the air. Rakes consistently miss debris between the tines. Peace Broom has no tine gaps. It catches and directs more leaves & debris left behind by rakes, and moves them farther with a natural cross-body sweeping motion. In addition to raking or sweeping, the Peace Broom shield adds and concentrates the “blow & suck” function with each stroke, enhancing the effectiveness of each pass, reducing both time and effort. Peace Broom also works interchangeably on all surfaces: concrete, asphalt, pavers, dirt, grass, decks, outdoor carpeting, and it even works in quite a bit of snow removal. Uneven, cracked surfaces, bricks, pavers, and cramped spaces are all cleared of snow more smoothly & easily with the lightweight, durable, yet soft, HDPE plastic. Squeegee away water spills and puddles, turn around to fill leaves into a garbage bag, and blow off the patio on the way out. Use 2 Peace Brooms together, like giant salad tongs, or with a rake or a broom, to easily pick up, and load big piles quickly & easily.

You love your leaf blower, what now? Don’t fret, everyone understands that good tools are hard to replace. Leaf blowers may remain a most valuable tool to your business, especially for the very large commercial and residential properties, unless they are banned or restricted. Peace Broom more than earns its’ place as a most versatile and capable tool. Besting brooms and rakes with added air-power, Peace Broom offers a quiet alternative that saves considerable time and effort. Using Peace Broom helps keep you on the right side of sensitive customers and their neighbors, as well as any leaf blower ban groups (Sonoma Neighbors Against Leaf BlowersOne Million People Against Leaf Blowers, and Leaf blower Pollution Task Force Santa Cruz), or neighborhood organizations and city council boards. Peace Broom is your marketable advantage. Let Peace Broom show them your consideration, while still getting the job done as fast and efficiently as possible.

Add two Peace Brooms to every work crew/truck, and use them together just as you would two leaf blowers. Then, use them to load it all into the trash. Peace Broom shows your customers that you care, and that you offer quality alternatives & solutions that cater to their need for peace and quiet, and your need to get the job not only done, but done well, without wasting time, or effort.