Peacebroom is balance


Balance is everything. Quality and cost. Finally decided how to attach a pole to a shield to catch air. That’s basically all Peacebroom really is. Uniquely subtle, as it is powerful, sweeping the air simply moves more stuff, more easily, than sweeping the ground.

Let the wind you create do more with less effort, and less resistance. Sustainability for the environment and the business, competitively producing products made in America.

These are all important aspects of balance that personify Peacebroom. There is balance in how you swing the tool, from how it was designed, the materials, and to how it fits into enjoying your spaces more peacefully, in harmony with nature.

Balance in also a theme to the marketing, branding, and social media push that this very blog is an integral part. In seeking to resonate with people, obvious groups like “ban leaf blowers” people who back legislation banning noisy gas and electric leaf blowers from disturbing their peace have been very supportive and encouraging.

Turning a negative into a positive, peace broom offers early morning and late night, or anytime, options with real power, but no noise or smell to disturb you, your neighbors, or pets. There is also a balance in how you care for your spaces and the trade offs of what you give up for what effort you put into it. Peace broom helps keep you balanced.