Air Powered Tool

Step aside, brooms, rakes, and leaf blowers, Peace Broom adds air power for faster, easier, and more fun outdoor clean up. Use Peace Broom instead of a leaf blower, broom, or rake because it combines more power & versatility, and ease of use, without disturbing the peace. Then, pick it all when you’re done, using Peace Broom as a large dustpan. Use two, together, like giant salad tongs, and save your back from bending over. You can even shovel snow, and clear snow off vehicles. Air power makes Peace Broom unique, and it challenges the power gap between brooms, rakes, and leaf blowers. Why use a broom or rake ever again, when you can multiply your effort by adding air power to every swing stroke? No need for multiple tools, or sacrificing your hearing just to clear your spaces. Save yourself time and effort while having more fun, with Peace Broom.