20 Second Patio Leaf Blower Peacebroom Challenge

After filming this, the winds and a quick rain just came up and quadrupled the leaves you see here. This time, I blow them into the yard quickly. It takes a bit more to corral them into a pile or corner, but it is pretty simple, with just a little practice.

Getting them all under the hot tub stairs is a feat of genius, and serious fun.

Some people like their leaves “picked up”, and sometimes you just want a clear patio. We mowed the lawn after this video, letting the lawn mower pick them up. But later, in this photo, Becky prefers to keep her freshly mowed lawn free of more leaves, if only for a few days before giving in to the deluge. The wisteria leaves grow so fast that green leaves, obscured by other green leaves, soon lose their green and fall all throughout the summer. Long before the major fall drop, we enjoy a steady, never ending, supply of wisteria leaves. Oh, and the shade and atmosphere it provides is priceless.

To pick them all up: Start at the other end of the 30’x8′ patio, blow inwards from the grass, and down along the walls to dislodge and scoot out all the leaves against the wall, under furniture, blocked by obstacles, and tucked in corners. Continue to work your way to the other end of the patio. Then, slowly sweep smaller piles like a broom, occasionally drawing back to blow just a little to get the smaller debris. Pick up the blade higher after each blowing stroke on the backswing, or turn it sideways on the return, to keep the airflow moving (and the leaves going) where you intend them to go. You can also use the shield as a “shield” against the wind to protect what you just swept up. In fact, you can use the wind to your advantage, as well as try to work against it (not as easy, but still fun).